How to change or set administrator password in window 7


How to change or set the administrator

It’s pretty simple I’m going to show you how to do that, Right-click on the Computer icon and choose device manager. I will show you how to change or set the administrator. You can change windows, server and administrator password. There are many ways to handle this, you can also change it from here too.

Look for user accounts -> manage user -> click on change password. Now just change it using the old one. you can also use the below method to get this done. you must have done this before but I showed you the simple one.

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Now Click on Local User and Group

How to change or set

You must be seeing Administrator Account here, right-click on Administrator and choose Set Password.

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change windows server password

You will see Password Prompt to set, Then  Click on Proceed

change server password

Put Your desirable Password here For administrator And then press Ok

change server password windows

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Now your administrator password set Now. Reboot the system and check it will open with the new password.

That’s it change server password change windows server password change administrator password

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