How To Check Apache Web Server Version In Linux

So there are two ways. I will show you here and along with where are the configuration files are located and logs files also. how to check the apache version using the command line and update it on centos.  

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we can use the following commands to find the version installed on the CentOS machine. This will help you to update or upgrade the version from lower to higher. The current version is 2.4. This is the most widely used web server for hosting the websites on both platform Linux and windows.

How To Check Apache Web Server:

you can easily set up and configure the apache on Linux. you can also host multiple websites on the same server. 

httpd -v

How To Check Apache

we can also find using the below command.

rpm -qa httpd

version apache centos

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you can find the apache Default Log Locations

ls /var/log/httpd/

apache version update

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Configuration file location.

ls /etc/httpd/conf/

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Module Locations

ls /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/

YouTube Link: Apache Version

You’re done command to check apache version apache centos apache version update

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