How To Check Hostname of a Windows Computer Using CMD

How to check hostname of a computer

You can find how to check the hostname of your computer using the command in the windows machine.

you have to give a name to your windows machine. So, you can recognize it using the hostname and when you’re working in an organization. This is important to have a name and deploy them in a workgroup. So, you can find the machine easily using this method.

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you can also find the machine using the IP address of that machine. you should have a name for your machine then you can provide any access to the user and make changes in your AD server to grant permission on the machine.

Way 1:-

Type cmd or Command Prompt in the search bar

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How to check hostname

Search Run for cmd And Type hostname.

You can see Dino-PC is the HOSTNAME or computer name of my 

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Way 2 :

Simply right-click on the Computer icon and click on the property.

You can also see the Computer name here.

That’s it check hostname in windows using command to check find of computer

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