How To Configure Rancher Container Orchestration Server In Linux

One container as a Management server and another container on a node as an agent. how to install and configure rancher centos 7 and Ubuntu. You can also create a rancher cluster and rancher configure server configuration is very easy. so

Rancher is an Open Source Multi-Cluster Management tool for Kubernetes as a service. You can easily deploy, manage, and secure Kubernetes anywhere. Rancher is as simple as Launching as two containers.

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How To Configure Rancher Container Server In Linux:

Dockers should be there in your machine. you can manage and create a docker container using rancher. so

yum install docker -y

Start Service and enable at boot time so

systemctl start docker && systemctl enable docker

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Check Version

docker version

rancher default password

Now install the Rancher Server

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docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 9090:8080 rancher/server

Rancher Container has been created so

docker ps

rancher install ubuntu

Add Port 9090 in the firewall to access from outside.

firewall-cmd --permanent –add-port=9090/tcp
firewall-cmd –reload

Now access the Rancher with HTTP:ip:9090 in the browser.s

configure rancher server

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As you can see Rancher Server installed now you can add hosts. s

configuration rancher cluster

You’re done rancher install centos 7 rancher install ubuntu configure rancher server configuration rancher cluster

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