How To Create Clone of Existing Virtual Machine In VMWare

How To Create a Clone of Existing Virtual 

Suppose, I have a machine where I have kept the snapshot. I need to have those snapshots with another VM machine too. Let’s see, how to create a clone VM existing VMware virtual machine in windows. so

Once you have configured this setting, you can now perform the cloning task of any existing machine. This is a faster way to get a new fresh machine within a few minutes because it’s just creating a copy of the existing one like an image.

It depends on you want to have full machine or just a part of any snapshots.  

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So, I can create a clone for that. you have to select the stage you 
need to create the VM clone and now click on go to when the machine
starts then shut it down. I selected the fresh centos stage.

How To Create Clone

Right-click on VM machineManageclone then click on next.

clone vmware virtual machine

Click on next

vmware clone vm

There’re two types of the clone. Create a linked clone means it will 
point this VM machine to the original one but it can’t be run without
running the original one. Create a full clone means it will create or
copy the VM which you have selected.

clone vmware in windows

Now choose the location where you want to install.

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It will ask you for confirmation to create a clone and click on the finish.

Then it will start the cloning process.

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It’s done and clicks on close.

The new CentOS machine is ready within a few seconds.

You’re done clone vmware virtual machine vm in windows

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