How To Create CSR Certificate File Using Command On Linux

How To Create CSR Certificate File Using Command On Linux

Once you generate a CSR certificate for SSL apache in Linux. let’s see how to create CSR using command to the certificate. CSR is a file where you will define all the information and you can use One CSR per website.

We have a CSR file then you have to give it to your service provider then they will give you Certificate and CA-Bundle certificates including the private key. you have to use your own private key which you have created using the command.

You will have to buy an SSL certificate from your service provider.

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Create CSR file:

openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout myserver.key -out server.csr

how to create csr

You have to fill this information about your company.

csr command to certificate

Once you have filled and you will see these two files myserver.key server.csr.

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myserver.key = This is your website private key.

Server.csr = This is your certificate signing request.

Now you have a CSR file, You will have to give CSR file to your service provider e.g: GoDaddy then They will provide you three files: cert.crt, private.key, and ca-bundle.crt files.

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You can check CSR file is correct or not by putting the key on this site

vim server.csr

generate csr apache

CSR is correct and now you can give it to your service provider.

You’re done csr command t create csr certificate o generate csr apache certificate generate csr for ssl

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