How To Create Database And User In SQLyog On Windows

How To Create Database And User In SQLyog On Windows

We have already installed SQLyog on the windows machine and MariaDB server installed on CentOS 7. Let’s see, how to create, access database and user using SQLyog community software for windows. We can also manage MySQL in SQLyog.

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We can use this software to manage SQL all queries and it’s like we’re managing a server with GUI mode. This is also available in the paid version but if you want to manage only servers, you can use freely without paying.

Open the SQLyog and click on New…

how to create database

put the information about login credentials.

manage mysql in sqlyog

Click on Test Connection.

sqlyog community for windows

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I have connected with the root user to log in to the server using SQLyog.

access database in sqlyog

Now I will create a database and grant permission to the user.

create database testing;

Grant permission on the user using the below command and this command will automatically create the user. you have to select the database only.

grant all privileges on testing.* to ‘curious’@’%’ identified by ‘viral’;

you can also check permission on the database using the below command. 

show grants for ‘curious’@’%’;

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So, you can simply manage MySQL using GUI in SQLyog.

You’re done manage mysql in sqlyog sqlyog community for windows access database in sqlyog sqlyog create database

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