How To Create SSh Key With OpenSSH For User On CentOS 7

How to create SSH is basically used to take the remote access of a Server with Secure connection. We can create and generate an ssh key in Linux. The ssh private key location is in a hidden directory.

How To Create SSH With OpenSSH For User:

We access the Linux servers using these keys and when we don’t want password-based authentication on the server. we can directly access Linux to Linux machine using pem file but you’re accessing Linux machine from windows then you will have to covert it to ppk.

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Create an SSH Key

Or you may also use ssh-keygen -t rsa 2048

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The key stored here in hidden folder .ssh and you can find using below command.

ls -a

ssh private key location is your SSH public key has created.

That’s it ssh private key location linux generate  create 

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