How To Create User In Window Server 2008/2012 R2

I have window server 2008 R2 installed on the machine & going to show. you can also add and how to create a local user in the windows server. you can also create a new windows profile.

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You can also make the user from a user account settings for your server to log in. you should always authenticate the user using the AD account. Nobody would be able to access any resource without the account.

The user adds using Active Directory:

First login to your window server & type dsa..msc

How To Create User

This will open the active directory users & computer where you have to make a user.

user create window server

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Right-click under user OU or you can directly click on a user image shown in the figure.

create local server user

The next step is to make a password for a user & you can choose any option according to your need or policy.

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Click on next & finish, user testing has been made.

Add user windows server 2012:

We can also add a user using computer management on the windows server 2012/2016. 1. Open the “Server Manager” and click on “tools” then choose “computer management“.

2. Now, this window will open and we have to select “local users and group” as shown in the below figure.

3. Right-click on the empty area and choose “new user” and you have to provide the user details here.

4. Click on “Create” and the user will be added.

5. if you need to make it an administrator member, you can simply click on “Group” then right-click on “administrator” and follow the below instruction.

add admin user cmd windows 10

Click on “properties” and choose “add“.

add user in cmd windows 10

6. Once you have clicked on “Add” then type the username here and click on “check names“. when it finds the user then the output will be shown as below.

add user from cmd windows 10

Click on “Ok” and apply the changes. Now this “test” has the administrative rights and he can perform the task like an administrator. 

Add user using command prompt window:

We can also create a user with command prompt on windows server. you may need to open “cmd” as an administrator. Simply, search “cmd” and right-click on it and run as administrator. 

Format:  net user /add username password

add user windows command line

This will be the local user and we can verify it. 

how to add user using cmd windows 10

You can also make this user a member of the administrator using the below commands.

Format: net localgroup administrators username /add

add user command line windows 10

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You’re done windows server add local create local server user user create window server create new windows profile

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