How to Create VPC Network In The Amazon cloud

How to Create VPC Network In The Amazon cloud

You need to choose in which region you want to create your VPC network and just simply choose the region from this location then proceed further. you need to create VPC networks in aws because this is the first step in the cloud network. You need to configure internet gateway aws to give the internet to your networks. Let’s see, how to create VPC networks also aws VPC network configuration.

Login to your AWS account

How to Create VPC

Now look for VPC in a search section.

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setup vpc network aws

Once you open VPC then click on your VPC on the left side.

 vpc network aws

Click on “Create VPC

Name tag: any name which you want.

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IPV4 CIDR: it means you can take any network range with the CIDR block.

Tenancy: There are two types of tenancy default and dedicated.

aws vpc network

Your first VPC network created.

create network aws

Now, I will create 2 public and 2 private subnet networks. The next step is to create subnets.

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Click on create a subnet

how to create network aws

Give any name here and choose which VPC network you’re going to use for your public network.

internet gateway aws

Subnet created.

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attach internet gateway aws

In a similar way, you can create 2 subnets for your public and private. so

aws vpc network configuration

Now we’ve set up the VPC network as shown in the below figure. so

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aws vpc architecture

VPC network set up but you will not able to access the internet from 
any server until you don’t create an internet gateway and attach it to 
your network.

Create an Internet Gateway:

Click on internet gateway, s

Give it any name.

This will act as a router which will attach to the internet.

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Once this is created, you can see it’s in detached mode. so

Click on “action” -> select “attach to VPCso

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Here you need to select your VPC and attach it. so

Internet gateway attached to your VPC so

Youtube LinkHow to create vpc network in aws

You’re done create network aws internet gateway aws aws vpc network configuration How to Create VPC

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