How To Delete Backup AMI EC2 On Amazon Cloud

How To Delete Backup AMI On Amazon Cloud

How to delete the backup of running AMI which is stored under the images section. you remove and delete old EC2 AMI in AWS. Once you remove the old AMI, So there’s no way to recover the EC2. you can also use the script to complete this task.

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When you have lots of AMI to remove then you can simply set a Cron to perform this task and that script will run at the time and removes the AMI from the images. you must sure about what you have written in the script to perform the task.

Make sure the deleted AMI should not be connected to any running 
server and you won't be able to remove this. 

If you need to remove this AMI, so follow the below steps. you can also create your new server using these AMI. you will have all the data within these AMI when you use this to create the new server.

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Go to EC2 -> images -> AMI then click on deregister

How To Delete Backup

Click on Continue so

remove ami aws

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Then the image will be removed.

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You’re done remove ami aws delete old ec2 deregister

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