How To Delete Unassociated File Types in windows 7/10

How to delete Unassociated File Types in windows. Each file type has an extension to identify file type to open the file. you can set or change these file type associations with any file easily with unassoc software. You can delete or removed unknown file association extension with windows 10 and should remove default open with

How To Delete Unassociated File Types in windows:

you can also Download unassoc software and installed it on your machine. so 

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How To Delete Unassociate

Run this setup by double click on it, you will see this.

delete unknown file extension

Now select the file type which you want to remove I’m removing .acc format which used for the audio file.

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remove file association windows

Click on the delete file type

NoteMake sure before deleting this extension as it will permanently be deleted from your system and it can’t be undone.

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remove default open with windows

After clicking on Yes, refresh the list button and see this extension won’t be there.

That’s it.  windows 10 unassociate file extension remove default open with windows remove file association windows delete unknown file extension

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