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How To Disable Login Screen For User In Windows

How To Disable Login, you can hide or disappears the login screen display from the windows machine by using customize settings in the windows. so

When you do this for users that they can’t switch to other users on the same computer and completely disappear this login screen from the windows machine.

This is pretty easy and simple way I showed you in this article. you can do this easily. 

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The reason may be because it can be the security risk if you allow the user to login using the screen. They might be sploit the password by guessing it.

Even it can be cracked using the external DVD then using the command prompt to crack the password and changed the values.

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you should aware of what you’re doing and why. you have to type the netplWiz command in run.

How To Disable Login

Then uncheck the users.

hide login screen windows

Click on okay it will ask you for username and password.

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Click on OK

That’s it customize login screen windows login screen display settings login screen disappears hide login screen windows


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