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How To Disable Signup Option On Git-lab

Once you have to Authenticate your user with AD Server then you won’t want to allow the user to registration from the git-lab front page. So you need to disable it from Admin Panel. how to disable and signup the registration option in the gitlab server. You can also restrictions on user creation and username sign-up restrictions on gitlab server.

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Once you made these changes then there’s no need to keep login and registration option in gitlab server because the user is authenticating with the AD server. There won’t be any security risk. you can use gitlab server with ad user so you don’t need to make manually effort.

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Login git-lab with admin user and click on “Configure Gitlab

How To Disable Signup

After Click on Configure Git-lab then click on Settings & Look for Sign-up Restriction

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Click on Expand & Uncheck on “ Sign-up Enabled ” and Save Settings.

 gitlab user creation

Logout from Admin and See now on the front page of Git-lab you won’t see Registration tab over there.

no registration option gitlab

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You’re done gitlab username restrictions sign-up restrictions gitlab no registration option gitlab gitlab user creation


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