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How To Enable and Disable .htaccess In Apache

how to enable and disable htaccess files provides a way to make configuration on a per-directory basis. you can create htaccess file when you running website using CMS tools. All the rules and configuration will be kept in this file and how to find htaccess file because this is a hidden file in the directory. you can easily write htaccess file when you have server access otherwise you can also make changes from yoast plugins. 

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Where a file containing one or more configuration directives, is placed in a particular document directory and then it’s apply to that directory or sub directories.

You should use .htaccess file but when you don’t have access of the main server configuration file. 

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Note: You must have .htaccess file on your server. If you want to control configuration through that files.

So, You can define these code between the Virtual-host and define directory path according to your need.

Disable .htaccess in Apache

<Directory “/vaw/www”>

Allowoverride none


Enable .htaccess in Apache

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<Directory “/vaw/www/html”>

Allowoverride all


That’s it. create htaccess file how to find htaccess write htaccess file write rules in htaccess

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