How To Enable Monitoring of Server On Amazon Cloud

How To Enable Monitoring of Server On Amazon Cloud

As you can see I have a running Linux server on Amazon cloud and I need to monitor it. we can also enable monitoring and you can monitor AWS infrastructure cloud using Cloudwatch services in AWS. you will also get the cloud usage in AWS.

There’re lots of open source tools to monitor infrastructure like Elasticsearch, Nagios, cacti, Zabbix, etc. I have already configured these tools. Install the Elasticsearch monitoring tool and Nagios as well.

how to enable monitoring

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So, amazon provides you this feature using Cloudwatch to monitor but it’s chargeable.

Amazon CloudWatch process

Collect -> Monitor -> Act -> Analyze

Collect Metrics and logs from all resources which are running on AWS as well as premises servers.

Monitor visualizes the applications and infrastructure with CloudWatch dashboards. Logs and metrics side by side to troubleshoot them and set an alarm with CloudWatch alarms.

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Act automatic response to operational changes with CloudWatch events and auto-scaling.

Analyze up to 1-sec metrics and real-time analysis.

By default, it’s not enabled. If you require to monitor your infrastructure using CloudWatch then you have to enable it.

Click on the server then monitoring tab

You can check pricing list for CloudWatch 

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Just click on Enable Detailed monitoring

monitor cloud server aws

Yes, Enable

infrastructure monitor aws

You can see data coming on the graphs.

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If you want to disable, you can click on Disable Detailed Monitoring

Yes, disable

If you don’t want to use Cloudwatch service, you can also use open source monitoring tools and set up them on the servers.  

You’re done infrastructure monitor aws monitoring using cloudwatchmonitor cloud server aws

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