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Microsoft has come with QR code features in the edge browser. We can enable and generate the QR code on the Microsoft Edge browser. This is an inbuilt Microsoft QR code generator in the browser and we can scan QR code on the Microsoft Edge browser. Let’s see, how to enable QR code. so

What is QR Code:

This is a trademark for a type of matrix boxes and designed in 1994. It stands for Quick Response code, contains the data for a locator, identifier, and tracker that points to a website or any applications. so

We can scan the code using any mobile phone or sent it on mail. so

it will generate a link and we can share it with the people. This is basically designed to share the Website link using the Code within an inbuilt mobile camera QR scanner or with any third-party apps. so

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You must have installed the New version of Microsoft edge chromium on the windows machine. 

Step to follow to enable QR Code:

You need to follow the below steps to configure it on the browser. you must have installed the latest Microsoft browser. so

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge
  2. Type “edge://flags/4on the search bar.
  3. Search “enable sharing

You will see the output like below

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Then click on default to change it to Enable and it will ask you to restart.

Once it’s enabled and you will see the QR code button next to the search bar.

microsoft qr code generator

Now you have to hit any “URL” in the search bar and you can save as URL as QR codes by either clicking on “QR code” or right-click on “UI”.

 scan qr code edge

That’s it scan qr code edge generate qr code Microsoft  generator


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