How To Enable Telnet Client Via Windows Features In Windows 7 /10

How To Enable Telnet and port in the windows if you don’t found command and list. This should install in the machine otherwise you can run the command.

Once you need to have installed it from the control panel and reboot your machine to take effect on the windows machine. Now open the command prompt to test the telnet command. you should have an IP address and port number to check the open port using this command.

How To Enable Telnet Client In Windows 7:

If you see the black screen when you hit the command for telnet from a Windows machine, it means telnet happening. By default, the command won’t work because it’s not installed in windows. 

The port used for telnet is 23. This is only used to check the port open from your
machine to the target machine. so that they can communicate with each other. Telnet
also used in networking to take remote sessions of any switch or router.

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Here is a demo of how to use Telnet Command with the port number. Telnet is not
recommended a way to take remote sessions from the machine because it sends the
password in plain text which is easily readable.

How To Enable Telnet

Now Enabled Telnet Client, go to program and features then look for turn
windows features on or off.

 telnet command list

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Check telnet client and press OK

telnet command not found

After Click on “Okay“.

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It will ask you to restart the system.

Press restart now, you have enabled telnet client now.

Enable Telnet On Windows 10:

By default, Telnet won’t be enabled in windows 10. we need to do that manually. Simply search “Features” and click on “Widows features on or Off” as shown in the below figure.

Look for “Telnet Client” and check it then click on “Ok“.

telnet commands windows 10

This will search the required files on the internet then download them to install. it will take a few minutes to complete this process. You don’t need to reboot the machine.

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How To Check Telnet Enabled?

Open the command prompt using “Windows key +r” then type “telnet“. if you see the below output, it means it’s enabled.

 command for telnet in windows

Telnet Using Command line:

Run the below command to install it and after the few seconds, it will be installed.

dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

That’s it. telnet enable in windows telnet command list telnet port commands telnet command not found telnet command not found

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