How To Fix Audio Issue Output Device In Windows 7

How To Fix Audio windows, If you can not find any audio device on your system that means there’s no audio driver installed in your system or something wrong there. Sometime you will face an audio issue that is not working on the windows laptop which has no sound driver properly working.

First, download the audio driver for your system compatible then try to install it. if you try to install or update the driver directly from the manager, this won’t work.

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If it works you do not need to troubleshoot for it.

How To Fix Audio Issue Output Device In Windows 7:

if you’re facing a problem as we have shown in the picture you need to check something that will work later.

How To Fix Audio

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First, go to search and type services.msc then press enter.

audio not working windows

You must be seeing the audio service stopped for it. you need to start it and restart your system.

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no sound on laptop

Click Okay Now It’s working.

fix audio windows

That’s not working windows audio issue in window no sound on laptop

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