How To Force Quit Application Running on Windows 8/10

We can use the below solutions to close or quit the running program application in windows. We can also stop the program in windows using the task manager. Let’s see, how to force quit application in windows. We can do the close app and force quit the program in windows.

When you face any program that’s not responding due to busy processes running in the background. 

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How To Force Quit Application on Windows 8/10:

Suppose, I have a running program “Microsoft Edge browser” and it’s consuming lots of RAM and I have to force quit this application. 

you can check all the running processes using “Task Manager” in windows. you can open it using “ctrl+shift+esc” then click on “Processes“.

force quit program windows without task manager

Now, you have to right-click on “Microsoft Edge” then click on “End task”. This will kill this process. 

You can see we don’t have a Microsoft edge browser process running on windows.

force quit windows 8

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Kill the Process using Command line:

We can also kill the process using the command line. Open the Command Prompt using “ctlr+r“.

Find the process file name from Task Manager and click on details.

how to force quit

Once you have open the command prompt and you need to run the below command to kill the process using the name of the file. 

taskkill /im filename.exe /t /f

how to quit an application on windows

We can also kill the running process using the process_ID of that program. you can find it when you click on details in the task manager as shown in the above image.

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The parent process ID is 7104 and command is taskkill /pid processID /t /f

force quit application windows

How to stop a program from running:

We have another way to close the program using the task manager. Let me show you how to quit the program.

Open the “Task Manager” and click on “Details” and look for a program you want to quit. 

force quit program windows

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Click on “End task” or ” End process tree” then it will ask you to confirm. the “End process“. 

force close app windows

The program will be closed and you can start afresh program again.

You’re done force quit program windows close app in stop

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