How To Hide Apache Web Server Name In CentOS 7

How To Hide Apache Web Server is widely used in today’s world and security comes first. We need to hide the Apache server version and information. Sometimes, you must be thinking about how to secure Apache and Apache server status. So, you need to add some parameters in the Apache configuration file.

How To Hide Apache Server Name:

Apache on its own can’t completely unset the Server Header not even with mod_headers.

apache server-status 404

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Way 1: If this works for you, You do not need to go on the Second way.

Add these lines in httpd.conf file

ServerSignature off
ServerTokens Prod

After adding these lines, Restart the Apache Service.

systemctl restart httpd

Way 2: If way 1 does not work for you, now you can achieve this with mod_security

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Note: Make sure mod_security should be installed on the server.

Now you just need to put these code,

<IfModule security2_module>
SecRuleEngine on
ServerTokens Full
SecServerSignature " "

And restart the Apache Server

systemctl restart httpd

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Now you won’t see any Server header where your Server name should be appearing or any information about the server.

That’s it. apache server status how to secure apache hide server information hide apache server version

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