How To Hide Specific Items In Control Panel Or System In Windows

How to hide specific items in the panel or system 

I will show you how to hide specific items or programs in the windows 10. This task can be performed on for security purposes which you do not want to show items in the control panel. you need to hide from control panel programs. we can also find the hidden items in windows 10.

We can also perform these tasks on your local machine as well as but where we will have to do manually and here we’re controlling thousands of computers with Group policy.

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we can also perform this task using an active directory server where we can control everything in the windows machine. Even we can also control the browser settings from the AD server by applying the group policy on a windows machine. 

you can hide programs in windows as well. This is the best way to hide all the programs from the control panel and you can also apply this to any group policy in the windows server so it will apply automatically whenever the system will join the domain.

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First of all, I do show you I did not make any changes to the control panel.

hide items control panel

Type gpedit.msc in search and then select edit policy settings

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I’m hiding two features in Control Panel Internet Options under Network And Internet And Programs and features under programs.

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control panel hide programs

The Internet Options are hidden under Network And Internet

 hide programs in windows

You can see Programs and Features are hidden under Programs.

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how to hide programs

That’s it. 

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