How To Install CCleaner and Download in window 7

How to install CCleaner, you can download CCleaner free software and it clears cache, temp files in windows. This can remove all unwanted files, thumbnails, browser cache, and much more. you just need to choose what you want to remove from your machine.

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That’s available in both versions free and paid. we mostly use the free version because it’s sufficient for our pc to get clean and running smoothly.

How To Install CCleaner and Download:

you can also use this to remove unwanted registry entry in windows. Most widely download software in the market. it can also optimize your apps. You can also install it on the ubuntu machine.

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how to install ccleaner

Open the First link And download the CCleaner.

After downloading the CCleaner Run the downloaded .exe file on your system.

Click on Yes Then click on Install.

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After Installing the setup, you can start cleaning up the system.

Now you can click on Run CCleaner and scan your system For Dump And Temp file there are more Features you can also check them.

You’re done. install ccleaner in windows install  free windows cache free software download

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