How To Install Dropwizard Metrics In Elk On Linux 7

How To Install Dropwizard Metrics In Elk On Linux 7

Dropwizard is a java framework for the development of high-performance REST web services and it’s lightweight. I will show you a dropwizard configuration file with an example and you can install dropwizard elk plugins. Let’s see, how to install dropwizard metrics using metricbeat. you can use metricbeat to install dropwizard in the Linux machine because it has the module. so

curl -L -O

dropwizard framework

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install metricbeat package,

rpm -iv metricbeat-7.0.1-x86_64.rpm

Now open the file vim /etc/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml

change kibana and elasticsearch section with elk server IP

 install dropwizard elk

If you’re using logstash, change IP in the logstash section instead of elasticsearch. You can use either logstash or elasticsearch one at a time.

 dropwizard configuration file

Now enable the downwizard module

metricbeat modules enable dropwizard

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it’s time to set up the downwizard using the kibana dashboard, So run the below commands.

metricbeat setup

And start the metricbeat service

systemctl start metricbeat

Now go to the kibana dashboard and check data receiving or not using these modules.

data receiving

Once the data received, click on discover

configuration file of dropwizard

You’re done. dropwizard configuration example dropwizard configuration file dropwizard elk dropwizard framework

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