How To Install Fedora 32 Workstation Server On Vmware

We can install Fedora 32 Workstation on Vmware. You need to download the ISO image of Fedora for Virtualbox if you’re using it. Let’s see, How to install Fedora 32 workstation on Vmware.

How To Install Fedora 32 Workstation On Vmware

You need to Download the Fedora 32 workstation from the official website. We have downloaded the image and you need to open the VMware to install Fedora 32.

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1.  Click on “File” and then “New Virtual Machine“. Once you have click on “Next“. we need to select the Fedora ISO image from the location.

fedora iso for virtualbox

2. Select your “Operating system” here and click on “Next“. 

fedora 32 install

Give it any name to save and click on “Next“.

fedora install

3. Now we need to set the size of the Disk. 

how to download fedora ISO

You need to next and click on “Finish“.

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4. Select the “Start Fedora workstation live 32” and hit the “Enter“. 

how to install fedora

You can either “try fedora” or “Install with the hard drive”.

download fedora iso for vmware

Select your preferred language here and click on “Continue“.

install fedora 32 workstation for vmware

5. You need to select the “Installation Destination” where you want to install the Operating system.

Select the “Disk” and click on “Done“. you can also add an additional disk here and select it to install.

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Once the disk is selected, click on “Begin installation“. It will start the installation of Fedora 32. when all the software, required files installed then click on “Finish Installation“. 

Take a reboot and now you can start using Fedora. Check the version using cat /etc/os* command from the terminal. 

VERSION="32 (Workstation Edition)"
PRETTY_NAME="Fedora 32 (Workstation Edition)"
VARIANT="Workstation Edition"

6. Once you have rebooted the machine, you will get a welcome screen and follow the instructions. we have to create a “user” and set the “password“.

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When you have created a user and take a reboot again to login with that user.

In a similar way, you can install and download Fedora ISO for Oracle VirtualBox or any other virtualization software.

That’s it.

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