How To Install FTP Server In Windows Server 2008/2012

How To Install FTP Server is a software application which used to share the files over the network and the internet. An FTP server uses TCP service which uses two port numbers 21 and 20. you can configure and setup the FTP server in windows.

you use this server for file sharing over the internet. So, people can download and upload the files over the network to the same or different locations. you have to create a user and set the password then assign the folder access to the user.

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We can install and setup a free FTP server for windows server 2008 r2 or 2016 r2.

when you install the server it will ask you to install the webserver as well because it’s dependent on that.

Here I will set up the FTP server in windows server 2008 R2,

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How to Install FTP Server In Windows Server 2008:

Open “Server Manager” and click on add roles then click on “Next“.

How To Install FTP

Here you have to select Web server (IIS), After selecting, you will see the FTP server, select all the options available with the FTP server.

configure ftp in windows

Installation started.

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windows ftp server setup

Now FTP installed.

ftp server port number

FTP Server In Windows Server 2012:

We will see how to install an FTP server on windows 2012. we have to open the “Server Manager” and then choose “Add roles and features”. 

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Once you have selected it and click on “Next” then Select “Role-based or feature-based installation“.

Select your Server here and click on “Next“.

Now we have to select “Web server IIS” and it will add a few features then click on “Next“.

Once you have click on “Next” and we have to choose “FTP server” as shown in the bellow figure.

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Click on “Next”  then “install” and it will start the installation and you may need to restart it.

Once the installation is finished and restart the machine then open the “Internet Information Service(IIS)” the output should look like as shown below and start the configuration for the FTP server.

YouTube Link: FTP Server

That’s it. ftp server port number  s windows setup configure ftp in windows

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