How To Install Git (Distributed version Control) In Ubuntu 19.04

How To Install Git (Distributed version Control) In Ubuntu 19.04

In the latest version of Ubuntu, This already installed if you do not find it on your machine, So don’t worry you can install it. Let’s see how to install git in Ubuntu 19.04. you can find Ubuntu git config file at location /home/aryan/.git

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you can run the below command. git used to subversion control of your files where you make changes and commit them and push back to the server. you won’t find any service for this because it has no daemon running. This is a hidden file on the Linux machine and installs git Ubuntu using the command line.

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You do not need to worry about if the server is down or up, you can still commit changes to your git repository. you will find Ubuntu git config file only when you initiate the git repository. This could be the best of git where you know the commit id and get the previous code change back.

git init 

sudo apt-get install git

How To Install Git

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Check the git version installed.

git –version

You’re done

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