How To Install MiniKube In VirtualBox On Windows 10

You can install minikube and kubectl on windows 10 machines. we need to install Virtualbox on the machine. Let’s see, how to install minikube on windows.


  • 20 GB HDD space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU

How To Install MiniKube In VirtualBox On Windows 10

Minikube is a standalone Kubernetes cluster that can be used for testing and development purposes only. we’re going to install it on VirtualBox. your machine must have support for the virtualization. you can check it using the below command.

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Open the Command Prompt and run “systeminfo“. if you see the output like below, means your system has already installed hypervisor and you can skip this step. 

Hyper-V Requirements: A hypervisor has been detected. Features required for Hyper-V will not be displayed.

You will need a hypervisor on your machine either “Hyper-V” or “Virtualbox“. I will install VirtualBox on Windows 10. we can download VirtualBox from the official website.

Run the setup and click on “Next“. 

Click on “Next“. 

Click on “Finish” and open the VirtualBox. 

Install Kubectl On Windows 10:

We also need to install kubectl on windows using the below command and download the setup then install it.

curl -LO

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Install Minikube on Window 10:

Method 1:

Now, we can use the below command to install it from Command prompt or you can manually download the file.

choco install minikube 

Run the minikube setup file and click on “Next“.

Click on “I Agree” and install it. 

Once the installation is finished. we need to copy the minikube set up in the C drive and create a folder "Kubernetes" then rename the file name as
"minikube". you have to copy the path and set in the environment variables. 

Right, Click on “Computer properties” -> click on “Advanced system settings” -> Click on “Envrionmental variables“. 

Click on “New” and set the path. 

Once the path is set, we need to copy both kubectl and minikube files to the C:\Kubernetes folder. you can also check the version using the below command.

kubectl version --client

Exit the command prompt and open it again. we will start installing the minikube on windows 10.

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Method 2:

Before running the minikube, you can check the minikube command.

Open the command prompt and run the below command to install it on VirtualBox. It will take a few minutes to install depending on your internet speed. 

minikube start --driver=virtualbox

Now minikube is installed on the VirtualBox and we can check the status with the below command.

minikube status

minikube on windows

We can check the master nodes’ status as shown in the figure.

kubectl get nodes

install minikube on windows 10

If you want to get more information about the cluster, you can use the below command.

kubectl get nodes -o wide

how to install kubectl and minikube on windows

Check the minikube version.

minikube windows 10

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You can also access the minikube by doing ssh from the windows terminal with the below command.

minikube ssh

check minikube version

We can also check the minikube IP address with minikube ip command.

We’ve successfully installed minikube on VirtualBox using the windows platform.

That’s it.

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