How To Install Monit Process Monitoring Tool On Linux 7

How To Install Monit Process Monitoring Tool On Linux 7

Monit is an open-source utility for managing and monitoring Linux systems. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair in case anything goes wrong. It has a built-in HTTP(s) interface you can access it from the browser. Let’s see how to install Monit. By using, Monit check process on your server. install monit Linux monit config test  monit install centos 7  check monit version

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You must have install epel repository because you can find this monit package in this repository or else you can download from the site and install them. This is available for all the operating system platform. you can read more here.

yum install epel-release -y

Now install it,

yum install monit -y

monit installed

Start the Service using monit,

test monit

Check monit status,

check process

Configure /etc/monitrc this is the main configuration file, by default service check will be set at the interval of 30 sec you can change it to 60 sec if you need it.

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set daemon 60
set pidfile /var/run/

monit restart all

Check port listening or not on 2812

netstat -tnlp

install monit Linux

Configure Monit web Interface monit check process

monit test file

monit reload

Now Access the Monit web interface using your_server_name or Ip_address with port 2812. if you have a firewall active, so allow port 2812 in the firewall

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monit check process

Here’s the result. monit config test  check monit version

check monit version

You’re done

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