how to install moz

How To Install Moz SEO Extension In Google Chrome

We can install a Moz extension in google chrome. Let’s see, how to install Moz. you can find the Domain Authority and Page authority on the chrome using it. we can do keyword research and local SEO using this tool. This is a software company that provides the DA and PA of the websites.

This is a paid tool and a worldwide used tool. we can also analyze our website, rank tracker and keyword competition analysis.

You just need to type Moz extension on google. You will see this result page.

install moz chrome extension

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Click on the link

google extension moz

Click on Add to Chrome and it will ask you to add the extension.

moz google chrome extension

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This is installed and if you want to make sure, type google and reload
the page. You will see the Moz extension bar.

extension moz google

Now you can check the SERP metrics but you will have to log in.

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Once you login to the account, type any website in which you want to check DA and PA using Moz Bar.

In a similar way, you can do page analysis and much more.

You’re done


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