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How To Install NFS Server For File Sharing On Linux

NFS (Network File Sharing) allows remote hosts to share files over the network and those files are mounted locally. You can make separate NFS server where you can share the directory to keep the data on the server from client machine. let’s see how to install nfs server.

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if you want to be sure that NFS RPC services enabled for rpc. so use this command “rpcinfo -p“. By default, nfs won’t be installed on centos machine. You may find it installed on redhat machine. The latest version on redhat 8 is NFSv4.2.

Step 1 : Install the nfs server

yum install rpcbind -y

Note : you can use this package nfs-utils to get nfs installed.

rpcbind service maps Remote Protection Call(rpc) services to the port on which they listen.

Step 2 : Configuration file location /etc/exports and you need to make changes in this file to allow the read,write operation the mounted data.

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Step 3 : you need to define the nfs server ip address in this file /etc/idmapd.conf

Domain =

Step 4 : Start and enable services

systemctl enable –-now nfs-server && systemctl start rpcbind

That’s it

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