How To Install Plugins on WordPress 5.4 Manually On Linux

How To Install Plugins on WordPress 5.4 On Linux 8

When you need to add the new plugin on WordPress account. So, there’re three ways of doing this. I will show you all the methods of installing the plugins on the WordPress account.

Method 1: Search and install it.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard using http://domain/wp-admin and replace the domain with yours. we will install a smush for demonstration. 

Click on plugins -> Click on add new -> search “Smush

Click on Install now and you will see the activate option. Once it’s done. if you want to activate it, just click on it. it won’t work until u don’t activate it.

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If you face this issue on installing the plugin on the local machine. it will ask the FTP credentials. we don’t have it. 

How To Install Plugins

So, you just have to add these lines define(‘FS_METHOD’,’direct’); in the wp-config.php file and reload the Apache service. you won’t face the above issue again. Make sure you don’t have to add this line in the production environment. 

[root@wordpress wordpress]# vim wp-config.php 
[root@wordpress wordpress]# systemctl reload httpd

Now it’s installed and activated.

install plugins

Method 2: you can download the plugin and upload it using the WordPress dashboard.

Click on plugins -> Click on add new -> Click on Upload Plugin 

wordpress plugin

Click on Install now

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Method 3: Once you have downloaded the plugin then you can upload it directly on the server. you don’t have to log in to the dashboard to install. So, log in to your web server using ssh or FTP and go to the below locations and upload it. 

[root@wordpress ~]# cd /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins
[root@wordpress plugins]# ls
akismet  classic-editor  hello.php  index.php

Now unzip the plugin using unzip 

[root@wordpress plugins]# ls
akismet classic-editor hello.php index.php wp-smushit

Once you unzip the package and now you have to go the dashboard to activate it. 

install plugin in wordpress

You’re done

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