How To Install Podman and Run Container On Linux

How To Install Podman and Run Container On Linux 8

How To Install Podman on Linux machine. This is an open-source daemonless container platform that was built to develop, manage and deploy the container and pods as well. you can install and configure the podman container on Centos 8 and rhel as well.

Below command to install on CentOS 8

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yum install podman -y

how to install podman

Below command to install on Rhel 8

dnf module install -y @container-tools

Run below command to check container tools installed on Rhel 8

dnf module list | grep container-tools

install podman on linux

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Now podman installation successful, check the version using the below command.

podman version and also find the more information about podman using podman info

centos 8 install podman

You can also find more command using this podman –help

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If you need to search the mages use podman search image_name and you can pull the image using this command.

podman pull centos:8

podman container

Check downloaded images using podman images

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I have created a container with the name of apache using the centos images.

podman run -it –name apache -p 80:80 0f3e07c0138f /bin/bash

List all containers including stopped.

podman ps -a

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Find IP using the below command

podman inspect d8424844e42a | grep “IPAddress”

Find the logs related to your running container using the below commands.

You can also check the logs using podman logs d8424844e42a and latest all using podman logs –latest d8424844e42a. Real-time logs using ‘-f’ options.

You’re done centos 8 install podman podman install and configure

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