How To Install Postman On Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10

We can install Postman using snap on the ubuntu 20.04 and download the postman for windows 10. you will have to install snap on the ubuntu machine. Let’s see, how to install and use postman.

Postman supports all the platform like Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a complete API development platform that helps you to manage API in every stage of development from designing and testing, to publish API documentation and monitoring.

How To Install Postman On Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10

The easiest way to install Postman on ubuntu via the snappy package management system. you should have a snap installed on the ubuntu machine.

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Use the following commands to install the snap package on ubuntu. 

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd

Once the above packages are installed, we need to install a postman using a snap.

sudo snap install postman

When it started downloaded and will install automatically. Once it’s done, you will see an output like below: 

postman 7.31.1 from Postman, Inc. (postman-inc✓) installed

Click on “Activities” and search for “Postman“. 

Open the postman and sign in with Gmail or create an account. 

Accept the End-User license agreement. 

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install postman on ubuntu

When you accepted the agreement and you will be logged in to the postman.

 postman on ubuntu

How To Use Postman On Ubuntu:

You can use the postman whatever your requirement and I will just show you with s simple example using the website URL with GET method request.

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Simply click on “Create a request” and put the URL you want to check the response. if you see the code status “200“, means that’s working fine otherwise you will see the error message.

postman ubuntu install

you can see the status code is 200. There’s no issue found. In a similar way, you can install it on any ubuntu distro like 18.04 / 16.10.

Installing Postman On Windows 10:

We just need to download the Postman app from the official website. you can simply run the setup and start installing it. 

Click on “Download the app” and this is available for 32 and 64 bit.

You need to follow the instruction as we have done installation on the ubuntu machine and start using it.

That’s it.

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