puttygen command line tool

How To Install Puttygen Using Command Line In Ubuntu 18.04

Puttygen is a key generator tool to create public and private SSH keys. This is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Let’s see how to install puttygen. you can install puttygen for Ubuntu using the command-line tool.

We have to convert the pem file to PPK to take login using ssh keys because you can’t directly login using the pem key in WinSCP. you download the pem key from your server and then convert them into PPK using this software.

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Once you downloaded and installed the software then download the pem key and simply load into the software. it will convert for you and save the key as PPK. you can check how to login to the server using these keys using the software WinScp. 

You need to download the Puttygen Package and run the below command.

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Download Link https://www.puttygen.com/
Install Puttygen 

wine ./puttygen.exe

How To Install Puttygen

You can’t install on the machine and when you need to access this just run the setup with wine command.

That’s it. puttygen command line tool

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