How To Install SQLyog 15 Version On Windows Machine

SQLYog is a GUI software to manage the MySQL server graphically. we can perform all the tasks like we do use the CLI mode of the server. Let’s see, how to install and configure SQLyog in windows. We can also update the SQLyog community version and download it.

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We can create, restore, delete the database using SQLYog. we don’t need to log in to the server to perform these tasks. we can also restore the old database backup to the new one and also take dump using this software.

How To Install SQLyog 15 Version:

The best tool for MySQL to manage graphically and the setup downloaded and you have to click on it.

How To Install SQLyog

Click on “Yes

sqlyog community update

Click on “OK

configure sqlyog

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Start installing the setup by clicking on Next.

download sqlyog

Accept the terms and conditions.

install sqlyog windows

If you want to change the locations, I’m keeping it default.

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The installation began.

Click on Finish

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we can access the MySQL server on SQLYog.

You’re done  community update configure sqlyog download  install sqlyog windows

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