How To Install Themes on WordPress 5.4 On Linux

How To Install Themes on WordPress 5.4 On Linux

When you want to change your theme with the new one. you can easily do it. There’re three ways of doing these. we will show you how to install themes on WordPress. When you can want to change new themes on WordPress. We can also download and upload themes on WordPress. Install wordpress godaddy

In a similar way, We can manually install a free WordPress theme and plugin on Centos 7. Let’s see, how to install new themes on WordPress on any hosting service provider like Godaddy and Bluehost.

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Method 1: you can find the free themes available on WordPress and installed them.

Click on appearance -> then themes & you can see we have free themes available. 

Now you can see Activate and live preview option on 2nd theme. if you are aware of the new theme, you can simply Activate it another click on Live preview before implementing on the running theme. 

Method 2: you can download the themes then upload them on WordPress. 

Click on appearance -> then themes -> Click on Add new – > choose Upload themes

install theme

Click on Install Now, after installation you can see the themes as shown in the above figures and repeat the methods 1. 

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Method 3: We can also upload the theme directly on the server using FTP or ssh.

[root@wordpress themes]# cd /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes
[root@wordpress themes]# ls
index.php twentynineteen twentyseventeen twentytwenty

I have only three themes available on the WordPress server. I will upload the new themes in the same location and unzip it. 

[root@wordpress themes]# unzip
[root@wordpress themes]# cd punte

Now check on the WordPress dashboard, you will see the uploaded themes.

upload theme to wordpress

Now Activate to use this theme on WordPress and start customizing according to your design. This is pretty simple we just have to drop and drop on a page where the theme will design.

You’re done

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