Vmware installtion on Windows

How To Install Vmware In Windows

Vmware is a tool where you can install multiple Operating System on the same hardware where you do not need to buy any other hardware. It allows you to install Operating System in Vmware Workstation which is for Desktop use only.

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It’s not an Open Source but you can use it locally on Computer or You may find key on internet.

Lets Begins

Step 1 : Download the Vmware Workstation from official site of Vmware  Download here

Step 2 : Double click on Vmware exe file in order to install it

Step 3 : Click on next

Now it will start installing the Vmware will take some time so be patience,

Step 4 : In the end, will ask you to License key so put it there otherwise you can skip or add later.

Vmware has been installed on windows machine.

Step 5 : Later you can put the key, open the vmware –> help , here you will see an option to put the license key.

YouTube link : Vmware install

You’re done



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