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How To Install Window 10 In Vmware

If you want to install Window 10 in Vmware for learning purpose. It’s a pretty easy to install just follow the below steps.

Check Out  Download and install Ccleaner:

First you need to have Vmware installed on your machine. Click on New Virtual Machine & select the image of window 10 and click on next.

Now Select Operating System here

I’m skipping Windows loading screen here & IT will start installing Window 10 machine. You have to select the disk where you want to install.

After installing these steps

Now restart the machine

Now here it will ask for setup, So choose personal if it’s for personal use.

Sign in with Microsoft account or skip it

Give a name here who will use this PC

Finally Window 10 has been installed So now enjoy it.

YouTube Link : Install Window 10

You’re done



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