How To Install Window 10 In Vmware Workstation Pro

If you want to know how to install and create Windows 10 installation in Vmware for learning purposes. we can install multiple operating systems on the host machine with the help of VMware. It’s pretty easy to install just follow the below steps.

When you install windows 10 with USB for free. You can easily download windows 10
image and install the home version. Windows 10 will automatically install the
required basic software for windows and the network.

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If you wish to use the Windows 10 machine and you don’t have extra hardware available to install, So we can use either oracle Virtualbox or VMware workstation to achieve that.

We don’t need to worry about it and you have to install VMWare on your running windows and start the installation as shown below. This is absolutely free software available for operating systems like ubuntu, windows, and mac.

Installation begins for Windows 10:

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First, you need to have Vmware installed on your machine. Click on New Virtual Machine & select the image of window 10 and click on next.

How To Install Window

Now Select Operating System here

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I’m skipping the Windows loading screen here & IT will start installing Windows 10
machine. You have to select the disk where you want to install it.

create windows 10 installation

you just have to follow the instructions here and after installing these steps.

windows in vmware

Now it will ask you to restart the machine.

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Now here it will ask for setup, So choose personal if it’s for personal use.

Sign in with Microsoft account or skip it

Give a name here who will use this PC.

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Finally, Windows 10 installed So now enjoy it.

Now you can enjoy the windows 10 operation system on your machine. In a similar way, you can also install other operating systems.

YouTube Link: Install Window 10

You’re done create windows 10 installation

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