Vmware window install

How To Install Windows 7 In Vmware Workstation Pro

How To Install Windows 7 is a Microsoft Operating system which is used for Desktop & Laptop which is not a free operating system.

You can install it by downloading from the internet but that Operating System won’t be genuine OS. You will have to buy a product key if you want genuine window 7.

Here I’m going to show you how to install windows 7 using Vmware

Step 1 : I’m assuming you know how to create a new virtual machine, Open the Vmware & Click on New virtual Machine then Next.

Step 2 : Here you have to select the location of your Windows 7 image.

Step 3 : I’m skipping all the steps here as you just have to follow the next button, Finally i reached here.

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Step 4 : After installing these all, it will ask you for restart.

Step 5 : Finally windows 7 installed.

YouTube Link : Install Window 7

That’s it.


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