How To Install Windows 7 In Vmware Workstation Pro

Microsoft Operating system is used for Desktop & Laptop which is not a free operating system. how to install windows 7 using a DVD or bootable USB. It will also ask you for windows 7 product key to enter.

You can install it by downloading from the internet but that Operating System won’t be the genuine OS. You will have to buy a product key if you want genuine window 7.

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We can install window 7 virtual machine on windows 10. There’re many ways to install windows 7 pro from USB. We can also download the ISO and make it bootable and install it by USB. Let’s see, how to reinstall windows 7.

How To Install Windows 7 In Vmware Workstation Pro:

Step 1: I’m assuming you know how to create a new virtual machine, Open the Vmware & Click on New virtual Machine then Next.

how to install windows

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Step 2: Here you have to select the location of your Windows 7 image and just click on “Next“.  

windows 7 dvd

Step 3: I’m skipping all the steps here as you just have to follow the next button, Finally, I reached here.

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install windows 7 using dvd

Step 4: After installing these all, it will ask you to restart.

Once the machine is booted then you can check the installation of drivers but it won’t be genuine windows because you need a license key for that.

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We can use it without any issues on personal computers. if you face any driver’s issues, you can manually download them and install them.

Step 5: Finally windows 7 installed.

YouTube Link: Install Window 7

That’s it. bootable windows 7 install windows 7 using dvd windows 7 dvd windows 7 product key

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