How To Install Winscp Open Source Software In Ubuntu 18.04

Winscp is free and open-source for FTP, SCP, SFTP and WebDav client for Microsoft windows. You can also install it on Linux. Let’s see how to install Winscp. you can do WinSCP access Linux and sometimes WinSCP not working for Ubuntu. how to get WinSCP for Linux free download.

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You can consider WinSCP as FileZilla. Both works are the same but the difference is setup not available for Linux. you can install it with wine. WinSCP can also be installed in the mac operating system.

First, download the packages from here

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Step 1: Make Winscp setup to the executable in Ubuntu Linux with the below commands.

chmod +x WinSCP-5.15.3-Setup.exe

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Step 2: Then install the setup using

wine ./WinSCP-5.15.3-Setup.exe

How To Install Winscp

Select Typical Installation and click on next

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Click on Install

Finally WinSCP Installed

Check It Out here,

winscp for linux free download

YouTube Link :

You’re done winscp for linux free download winscp not working for ubuntu winscp access linux

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