How To Join Window Machine In Active Directory Domain

How To Join Window Machine, If you facing any issue in joining a window machine in domain, let me show you how to do that. Your window machine must ping the Active Directory server. You can add or join windows computers in the AD domain. We can easily join the domain with the computer.

You Must check before joining the machine in the domain. This is pretty easy to join the domain for windows 10/7 machine to the azure active directory. you can easily check whether the machine is already in active directory.

How To Join Window Machine In Active Directory Domain:

You must have set up the correct DNS settings for the machine otherwise you won’t be able to join the machine in the AD server because it resolves the DNS queries and checks whether the user exists on the AD server.

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Step 1: First you will have to right-click on Computer then choose properties as shown in a figure

How To Join Window

Click on Change Settings

domain join in windows

Step 2: A window will appear after clicking on change settings & click on change.

unable to join domain

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Step 3: Change your computer name here

Click on OK it will take the system in Work-group

Step 4: After restarting the window machine you have to come on step 3 and put your server name.

unable to connect to domain

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After clicking on OK it will ask you for your AD Account password.

add windows in AD

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Step 5: Once it’s get communicated with AD Server a message will appear on the window.

can't connect to domain controller

After restarting the machine again Now try to login machine with your AD account.

join computer to domain

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It will start preparing your desktop machine, As you can see user vpn_client has been logged in.

can't join computer to domain

YouTube Link: Join Domain

That’s it. join computer to domain

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