How To Launch EC2 Instances(server) On Amazon Cloud

How To Launch EC2 Instances On Amazon Cloud

Log in to your Amazon account and follow the below steps, Search EC2 in the search bar. you can launch and create ec2 instance in AWS. You can also find the instance type and start the amazon ec2 instance using the script.

how to launch ec2

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Currently, no instance is running and I’m going to launch an instance and Click on Launch instance

Before launching instance you should aware what server type comes in free tier otherwise amazon will charge you according to your server launched. You may check this link to know more about the free tier.

you choose memory and CPU in instance type. More memory can be used for database servers and CPU can be used for web servers.

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I’m choosing Linux AMI(Amazon machine image) it means you’re choosing your OS.

ec2 instance in aws

The next step is to select the instance type, you can use t2.micro in the free tier.

ec2 instance types pricing

Now you have to choose your VPC and Subnets where you want to launch this server.

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create ec2 instance in aws

Add the storage here, minimum Storage for Linux required is 8GB and windows 30GB.

how to create ec2

Add a tag that means you need to give it a name to recognize your server.

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amazon ec2 instance start

Now add the Security group if you have made any.

how to create ec2 instance in aws

Review your configuration and launch the server.

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ec2 instance types

It will ask you for your ssh key,

aws ec2 instance console

Create a new pair key if you have not any.

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Download the key pair and Click on launch instance, it will take a few minutes to initialize the instance.

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Now your server is ready to use.

Youtube Link: Create Server in AWS

You’re done ec2 instance types amazon ec2 instance start create ec2 instance in aws ecs instance in aws

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