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How To Monitor Health In Docker

This is very important to check the health of running containers in docker as you can monitor all the resources like Memory, CPU & Block I/O usage through the command line. how to check the health of the Docker container. you can also monitor container performance.

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We can also use Portainer management UI to manage the dockers with graphical mode. This is very important to keep an eye on the health of containers because you can see how much it’s using ram, CPU and disk IO. if they need more, you can assign according to that analysis.

There’re lots of tools to monitor your Docker containers like ELK, Grafana and Prometheus monitoring tool. fi you don’t want to install those monitoring tools, So you can use the below commands to check the health status of containers.

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Let’s Begin

First let’s check the container logs, As you can see I have Container called mysqltest

docker logs mysqltest

How To Monitor Health

Here you can check the Container Status,

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docker stats mysqltest –no-stream

monitor container performance

docker top mysqltest

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That’s it. monitor container performance docker container check status


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