How To Mount ISO Image Linux In Vmware Workstation

In This Article, You will see how to mount ISO/DVD image through Kernel Terminal in Linux. We can mount and connect the iso image to the VMware workstation

Yum, repository simple reduces system admin work by automatically include dependencies while installation of any packages by creating a yum server.

How To Mount ISO Image Linux In Vmware Workstation:

With the Yum repository, you do not need to find any dependencies of any packages as the yum server will take care of it.

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Click on Vmware Setting and choose in devices section DVD as shown in the figure.

Select device status > connected

In Connection, choose Use ISO image File and give the path of the image where it has been kept.

Then click on Okay

You will get the Redhat image on your Server

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Now Open Kernel Terminal

Type a command to mount the ISO Image

mount /dev/cdrom  /mnt/

Now check ISO image will be mounted on /mnt/

vmware iso image

This is mounted temporary, Once the system will reboot, it will be gone. So if you want permanent mount ISO image then follow these steps

Make a directory I have made with the name of “pk

mkdir pk

connect iso to vmware

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Now copy the Packages and repodata directory in that folder ‘pk’.

mount iso vmware

It will take some time to copy as there are almost 5100 Packages in RedHat 7.5 Version.

Check it by ls pk/

That’s it. connect iso to vmware

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