How To Mount Volume To Apache Container In Docker

Mount Volume in a container is very important if you want to save your data files. Suppose because of some reason your container stopped working then how will you get your data from the container. That not possible without Volume mapped to your container. We can create and mount a volume in a docker container.

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How To Mount Volume To Apache Container:

Today I will show you how to mount volume via command line in a container. I have created an Apache image and with the help of this image, I created an Apache container. I have a directory where I kept this dockerfile.

volume mount

Step 1: Build an image

docker build -t dockerfile .

volume mount docker

docker create volume

As you can see the image has been build with Image IDf5a7cd5c3bc0“.

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Step 2: Create a Container using this image id “ f5a7cd5c3bc0

I created a Volume on docker host with the name of “vlom” and mounted it with /var/www/html where my data files will reside.

docker run -itd --name apachetest -p 80:80 -v vlom:/var/www/html f5a7cd5c3bc0 /bin/bash

mount volume to container

Step 3: Attach the running container

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docker attach b9947aefe406

Once you’re inside the container using

docker exec -it apachetest /bin/bash

Create a file inside the directory /var/www/html/

Step 4: Exit from the container and check that abc file should be in vlom directory where it’s mounted.

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You can see that abc file is here. So now you do not need to worry about your data files. they’re safe on the mounted directory.

You’re done

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