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How To Reinstall Selinux Security Policy On Redhat 7


How To Reinstall Selinux Security Policy 

how to reinstall Selinux is a Security module made for Linux kernel in order to provide Enhanced Security to Operating Systems. By Default, Selinux Linux is in Enforcing mode.

There are two mode in Selinux :

  1. Enforcing mode
  2. Permissive mode

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Permissive mode basically used for troubleshooting at OS level. To set Permissive mode you have to go the location which mentioned below

Configuration file location /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Here You will have to edit this file and set the Selinux = Permissive And more in details if you set disable the Selinux You have to reboot the machine It’s mandatory to reload the changes.

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Install Selinux Policy

Run following Commands on Server

  1. yum reinstall selinux-policy-targeted
  2. touch /.autorelabel
  3. systemctl reboot

After rebooting, You have to check the Selinux status

Command is sestatus

That’s it.

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