How To Restore Server Using AMI On Amazon Cloud

How To Restore Server Using AMI On Amazon Cloud

I have already an AMI backup of a running server. Now I will delete the current one and will restore using that AMI. you can restore the ec2 instance server using backup ami location in aws.

These all AMI are stored on the AWS storage S3 in the backend. you can also share these AMI to other locations and restored them in different regions. you must have backup of all the servers running in your organization. 

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Backup AMI Location: EC2 -> images –> AMI

how to restore server

Restore the instance

Launch -> launch instance –> My AMI

aws restore ec2 instance

Click on select and choose the option according to your need then click on next.

restore server in aws

Choose your VPC and subnets here where you want to launch this server and I’m skipping those steps because it’s the same as you create the new server now.

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server backup ami aws

Web server restored

ami backup location

Now the webserver is ready to use and I will do ssh this server.

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I’m able to access the server which I restored from backup AMI.

YouTube Link: EC2 restored

That’s it.  restore ec2 instance rserver in aws server backup ami aws location

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