how to save password

We can manage and save passwords in google chrome browser. we’re going to saving the password in google chrome. Let’s see, how to save a password.

How To Save Password In Google Chrome Browser:

You can go to the location where you can see all the passwords are stored on the chrome browser using these link: chrome://settings/passwords and hit the enter. 

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Now you can see, Google won’t save the password automatically until you allow it for that you need to change “offer to save passwords” to turn it “blue“. 

Now we need to test this, I will open any website to log in, and Once in logged into the website, I should be able to see the below screen. 

It seems like everything is working fine.  

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Suppose, You have to remove the password from your saving list:

For that, you have to go to the location again and look for where all the passwords are stored as shown in the below figure. 

If you want to see the password before removing it from the list, just simply click on “eye icon“. it will show you the password.

Now you have to remove the password from the list, just simply click on “3 dots” you’re seeing in the above figure. 

how to delete saved passwords on chrome

Click on “Remove” the password will be removed from the list. 

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If you need all the passwords in a single shot, you will have to go the “Clear browsing data” and open it.

how to save password on chrome

Once you opened it, you have to check on “Passwords and other sign-in data” and click on “Clear data“.

check save password in chrome

How To Export Password From Google Chrome:

We can also export the saved password from the google chrome browser in CSV file format. Let’s see, how to do that.

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You have to click on “3 dots” then you will see the “Export passwords“.

save password

Click on “Export passwords”.

saving passwords in chrome

Now this will ask you to save the file where you want and save it. Open the file in “Excel“.

manage passwords chrome

We will check the download file to check all passwords stored as you can see below. 

password in chrome

That’s it. manage passwords chrome


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